8 things to do now you’re engaged


Send engagement cards

This is such an exciting time; why not announce your engagement by sending your friends and family an engagement card! Make sure you only send to people you are sure will be invited to the big day though. Make them fun, they don’t have to match your theme just yet.

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Top 10 common dieting mistakes every bride-to-be makes


Mistake 1 – Skipping breakfast

By skipping this important meal, you will be hungrier for the rest of the day. A decent breakfast will kick start your metabolism right from the word go!

Mistake 2 – Not eating enough protein

Protein will fill you up for longer, try chicken or fish for your lunch time meal and keep hunger at bay all day.

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5 confetti ideas for a spring wedding


Spring brings colour, life and hopefully good weather, which makes it one of the most beautiful times of the year to be getting married. Whether you’re planning a big venue wedding or a small, intimate day, make sure you don’t forget the confetti!

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5 things to avoid in the best man’s speech


Let’s be honest, if you had to pick the most challenging of wedding speeches, it would have to be the best man. So we’ve got speech experts, Lawrence Bernstein and his team at greatspeechwriting.co.uk to give some top tips and advice to all those nervous best men out there!

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How to care for your wedding dress after the big day


Once the toasts are made, the first dance has been danced and the wedding bouquet is thrown and you’re left with a mountain of presents, what happens with your beautiful wedding dress – now covered in champagne spills, muddy marks and makeup stains?

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How to pick the right wedding entertainment for your venue


Once the excitement of your engagement announcement has died down, you will start focusing on the wedding date and venue.

Maybe you have attended a number of weddings so you have a good idea of the venues you love. We would recommend visiting them again and try to spend some time with the events manager to understand what they offer and how the venue will work alongside the wedding entertainment you are looking at.

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7 things wedding guests always complain about


Sometimes certain things won’t impress everyone, and we’ve put together some of the most common complaints from wedding guests, just so you know what to expect, or what to avoid…

The invitation

From the inconvenient date at the top of the invite, to the lack of mention about a plus one or the ‘No children, please’ at the bottom – the wedding save the dates and invitations can be a source of great irritation to those receiving them. But at the end of the day, your wedding is YOUR day – if you don’t want children there, you don’t want children there. And that is that.

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