Include Friends and Family in Your Special Day


For most of us, we can only have a bridal party so big. So how do you include loved ones that aren’t standing up there with you? Here are 10 ways you can include them in your special day.

 1. Readings

You’d be surprised how many people forget about this option during their wedding planning. In addition to your vows, readings during your ceremony are not only an ideal way to share words that are important to you, but also to include friends and family. Choose your own poems, song lyrics or prayer, or ask your loved ones to pick one that they feel best represents you as a couple.

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Bright details in a bride’s appearance


Light tints of colors usually dominate in a bride’s appearance, but sometimes it’s better to add more contrasting colors. There is a great number of ways to add bright details in a bride’s appearance.

If we consider a dress the most important thing in a bride’s appearance, shoes are in the second place as they will help add brightness. Shoes, sandals or flats of a contrasting color will look very impressive with a white dress. The most important thing is to maintain accent color with some other element, such as a bouquet or other accessory.

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Essential Wedding Beauty Timeline


The ideal time to start your bridal beauty regimen is when you get engaged, but it’s never too late to forge healthy habits! Tick items off this list as you go, so you’re more than prepared for the big day.

After he’s popped the question…
Set your health and beauty goals now – grow your hair, tone those arms and stop biting your nails.
Make appointments with a beautician, hair stylist, dermatologist or personal trainer.
Start getting monthly facials, hair treatments and regular trims, and remember to use SPF!

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Post-Wedding Money Tips from the Expert


When the average Australian wedding costs more than $65,000 according to the most recent Cost of Love survey, money talk is at the forefront of any wedding preparations. But what happens financially once you are happily ensconced in wedded bliss?

Here are five of the most common financial considerations for married couples and tips on how to tackle them:

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If I could have changed one thing


We Quizzed These Brides about Their One Wedding Regret

If you’re currently embarking on the task of planning a wedding, chances are you have a to-do list longer than Tolstoy’s War and Peace. Take it from us – it’s not as daunting as you think. For easy step-by-step checklists, budget ideas, table seating charts and plenty of practical information, grab a copy of our annual Wedding Planner issue. Let us take care of the finer details so you can focus on the fun stuff.

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8 things to do now you’re engaged


Send engagement cards

This is such an exciting time; why not announce your engagement by sending your friends and family an engagement card! Make sure you only send to people you are sure will be invited to the big day though. Make them fun, they don’t have to match your theme just yet.

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Top 10 common dieting mistakes every bride-to-be makes


Mistake 1 – Skipping breakfast

By skipping this important meal, you will be hungrier for the rest of the day. A decent breakfast will kick start your metabolism right from the word go!

Mistake 2 – Not eating enough protein

Protein will fill you up for longer, try chicken or fish for your lunch time meal and keep hunger at bay all day.

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